Kitchens are the hub of the homes today. They have shifted from rooms of only cooking and preparing food but are also being used in entertaining guests. The design of the kitchen is an essential part in a house as it gives the people a feel of the hosts and has to meet all this needs.

The kitchen has cabinets to store foodstuffs for the family and make it look tidy. The white cabinets give the room a warm glow once light sets on it as it is a neutral colour. The lights on top of the cabinet make it easy to get utensils in the cabinets. Appliances, utensils and food can all be stored in different cabinets such that they are all accessible.

The cabinets also have the same color with the countertop so as to blend in with the kitchen. Thinne Amelda has combined the use of cabinets to portray neatness and their cool design that can be installed in all rooms. Also the lighting fixtures give a bright touch to the room that is used daily for family meals.