Today, the world is fast and most of the hours are spent working to make a living. After all this tough times the bedroom is the only place where one gets to escape life and live all the daily struggles. The design of the bedroom should offer a sense of peace to the individual and an atmosphere of calmness.

The design of the bedroom is warm and inviting to the eye after a long day at work. The wall has neutral colours that are warm for the room together with black. It also goes hand in hand with the ceiling. The same colours are used in the ceiling to give it a great blend and mesh of hues.

> The room is decorated with items that are brown in colour to make them stand out. The windows are large to allow light in the room that is proper. The ledge has an intricate design at the bottom to accentuate the window and make it blend.

The paintings in the room are abstract and together with the other fixtures give it an artistic feel. This design by Thinne Amelda shows how all bedrooms should be places we relax in. The lights and colours go a long way in creating a peaceful ambience.