Living rooms are part of the home layout that has many functions in different homes. The room can serve as a sitting area, parlor for reading, relaxing and entertaining guests. The space that you have can be ideal for watching TV, playing games and spending time with family.

Thinne Amelda has created a living room design that can serve all this purposes in the house. The room has space for a TV that is glass paneled for relaxation. Families can sit around and entertain themselves with movies as they catch up on their daily lives. The TV is at a focal point such that depending on where one sits they are able to view it.

The other intriguing part of the room is the lighting which is minimal for the purpose of entertainment. The room has neutral colors that are able to blend with the light present. The chandelier is round to provide light to all corners of the room. It emits white light that ensures the room sparkles together with the glass panels that are double.

If it's going to have a more formal feel, adding an elegant fireplace mantel might be a worthy investment, while a built-in TV console would work best in a more low-key setting. The wall has been painted black below the TV mantle to throw off light from the TV in the living room. The space is huge to make the environment warm and more inviting to guests.

As a living room, the colors are warm to create an environment for children to play in. The atmosphere is inviting for board games and an evening of relaxation. The design is profound and gives off a nice vibe.