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In interior décor, curtains are an essential part since depending on their textures, patterns and colour they bring a room to life. Colours that are bright have a dramatic effect on a room that has solid colours. For this picture, the curtains have hues of pink and white to accessorize the room in the house.

Décor is not just about the accessories that breathe life to the house, the house is also an integral part. The house is made of wood with different panel to give the room a unique feel. The colours make the room to light up as the neutral colours are mixed with the bright ones. The brown wood panels are shaped as boxes to give it an antique feel.

Blinds go hand in hand with curtains in creating a certain effect to a room. The blinds are usually soft in texture as compared to the curtains providing a feminine touch. The blinds are white in colour with curtains that are dark brown creating a contrast in the room.

The wall of the house is white which gives it a neutral feel leaves plenty of room for a few tweaks here and there. The windows on the wall are rectangular in design to allow more light in the room. The interior décor of the windows is unique as they are high in the room thus allowing more light to illuminate the room.

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