The wall of the house is white which gives it a neutral feel leaves plenty of room for a few tweaks here and there. The windows on the wall are rectangular in design to allow more light in the room. The interior d├ęcor of the windows is unique as they are high in the room thus allowing more light to illuminate the room.

The balcony also has a ledge with a design that blends in with the room as it is black in colour. The two colours provide a neutral environment as people use balconies to get in touch with their thoughts. The wall at the end of the ledge is made of marble and gives it a rough texture.

The play of light ensures that the room is well lit and the items in it can be clearly seen. The windows open halfway through maintain a small part that is not open. The edge of the windows has a great design to give the window a more dramatic effect in the room. This is a design meant to create a warm ambience for people with the play of soft and rough textures by Thinne Amelda.