Blinds go hand in hand with curtains in creating a certain effect to a room. The blinds are usually soft in texture as compared to the curtains providing a feminine touch. The blinds are white in colour with curtains that are dark brown creating a contrast in the room.

The soft blinds allow some light to get in the room without being too much. The curtains have an intricate design at the curtain panel to make it stand out. The design on the curtain panel makes the curtains more artistic and gives it a roomy feel.

The curtains are folded softly on the sides to give it a casual flair and create a comfortable atmosphere. The panel has a circular design at the centre giving the curtains a more central feel plus more weight in the room. The light through the blinds makes the room sparkle and have a warm ambience that is enticing.

Thinne Amelda has gone on a bold design for the curtain and blinds to make all the rooms in your house stand out. The blinds are oriented horizontally to provide privacy and the curtains are made of heavy fabric such as velvet to add more opulence to your room.