Décor is not just about the accessories that breathe life to the house, the house is also an integral part. The house is made of wood with different panel to give the room a unique feel. The colours make the room to light up as the neutral colours are mixed with the bright ones. The brown wood panels are shaped as boxes to give it an antique feel.

These wood panels are ideal for a house that has proper lighting. The glass ceiling allows light in illuminating the room and giving the room life. The fixtures in the house are brought to focus as the light accentuates their various appeals.

The design stands out as it plays around with light making the room warmer. Thinne Amelda created this design to make the ceilings more profound in homes without the normal boring look. The mix of wood panels incorporating various designs also shows creativity.

This design is good for the lobby leading to the staircase as it will illuminate the intricate design of the décor of the house. It also provides a light effect for the stairs on the ground floor.